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Fleas are a hassle you do not intend to be about. They can be on your animal, as well as in your house as well as in your yard. You can eliminate fleas making use of toxic chemicals, but they damage the environment and are not safe for your family pets and children. They likewise shed their performance in time as well as fleas can end up being resistant to them.

However, it is feasible and a lot more inexpensive to get rid of fleas naturally and also you can conveniently make your own homemade flea killer. For example, you can use an all-natural flea killer, such as diatomaceous earth (DE). You can also utilize natural flea repellants like lemon and also vinegar. You need to keep in mind that it is constantly better to treat flea problems in a house than rapidly to stop flea infestation.


Fleas are very tiny wingless pests that appear in the beginning look, like specks of dirt. An adult flea has to do with 0.1 inch long as well as ranges in color from dark brown to black. Even though fleas can not fly, they can lift to 4 feet high. This means that they can move quickly from one area of your home to other areas and also move between hosts rapidly.

Fleas replicate at remarkable rate so even if you just have a couple of fleas in your house they can duplicate relatively rapidly and also the outcome is a flea invasion. So it is always a good idea to kill fleas rapidly to avoid an invasion.

Fleas have a tendency to attack human beings around the ankles as well as wrists as these areas are generally in one of the most contact with family pets. Nevertheless, you can additionally obtain flea attacks on other cozy and soft locations of your body such as the waistline, armpits, as well as the rear of your elbows as well as knees.


Right here are all-natural options that can help you eliminate fleas. Strike these awful creatures on all fronts – home, yard as well as your animal, for ideal results as well as avoid flea problem.

Vacuum – Vacuum the entire home completely to avoid flea problem. Prior to vacuuming the carpetings, sprinkle among the complying with natural active ingredients: salt, borax or sodium bicarbonate around the carpeting and also see to it reaches the base of the rug. These natural compounds can eliminate an invasion from running away by drying out flea eggs that are embedded deep in the carpeting and also thus help to manage fleas.

You can also sprinkle the natural flea killer, diatomaceous earth (DE) on the rug (DE food grade only). This is an all-natural material formed from the remains of fossilized algae dust as well as is also utilized as a natural insecticide that can also kill bed bugs.

Let the substance make a decision to sit for a few hours and then vacuum the rug. During the time that the compound gets on the floor covering, do not allow your pet to be on it as your pet dog might lick the substance as well as get ill. When you end up vacuuming the house, secure the vacuum cleaner bag completely and also maintain it in a covered container to stop fleas from venturing out. Repeat vacuuming as commonly as feasible and doing it on a regular basis to make certain all the fleas are totally gone.

Washing is an excellent way to control fleas and also prevent them from infesting your residence. Utilize the washing machine to clean up the pet bed linen or any other textiles that your pet dog suches as to remain on. If you can use the dryer for these items, leave them in a hot clothes dryer for 20 mins to eliminate the fleas and their eggs. Do it a minimum of once a week to avoid a problem.

Dry air is an exceptional all-natural method to control as well as also eliminate fleas – fleas like to live in a humid environment. As a result, if you have a specific margin that is ravaged with fleas, you can make use of a dehumidifier to dry out the air for 2 days (keep the humidity in the room listed below 50%) to kill the fleas as well as protect against the eggs from fleas from birth.

All-natural homemade flea sprays – Cut a lemon and also steam it in half a liter of water. Allow cool and pour into a spray bottle. Or load a spray container with three components water, white vinegar or one part apple cider vinegar as some people claim that vinegar is a natural flea killer. Or you can include a couple of drops of vital oils that are all-natural flea repellants like peppermint, citronella, and rosemary to a spray container filled with 8 ounces of water. Spray the living room or various other spaces with homemade flea spray to eliminate fleas.

You can find a lot more ideas on how to use vital oils in my aromatherapy magic electronic book. This publication will certainly permit you to find the most efficient ways to utilize crucial oils to open their incredible recovery power.

Water trap – make use of a superficial recipe with warm soapy water to drown as well as eliminate fleas. Replace the water every day until there disappear fleas.


Diatomaceous planet (DE) is a natural flea killer. Diatomaceous planet is safe to make use of around the lawn (food grade DE just), yet you will likely require a huge amount to obtain the positive result on flea control. Diatomaceous earth should be completely dry to function, so don’t get wet or combine with water. It is a great idea to wear a mask when using diatomaceous earth. For additional information review my most recent overview on just how to utilize diatomaceous earth to kill fleas.

Landscape Maintenance – Regular mowing is advised to stop a flea infestation as well as to maintain fleas under control. Remove weeds and also trim bushes and also foliage. This will subject you to dark, damp locations, which are liked by fleas over sunlight. It is likewise advantageous if you can prevent your pet from going around these locations.

All-natural compounds that drive away fleas – Usage cedar wood or eucalyptus fallen leave shavings on flea plagued locations as fleas despise them.

Flea Repellent Plants – Use garden plants that repel fleas, such as peppermint (additionally excellent versus insects) as well as spearmint, lavender, sage, lemongrass, and rosemary. Mint is intrusive plant so plant in pots.


Food quality diatomaceous planet (DE) – Some people use DE straight on pet dogs to kill fleas. Nevertheless, a couple of words of care are needed right here – DE is very drying out and also can dry out your pet dog’s skin. When applying DE to your family pet’s skin, do not use too much and also make certain to protect your family pet’s eyes, nose and also mouth and shampoo your animal within 12 hours. You can also make use of yeast rather than DE, as fleas do not like the taste of it. Usage brewer’s yeast or dietary yeast and scrub it on your family pet’s skin.

Bathroom as well as Comb – Laundry your pet dog thoroughly with a mild hair shampoo and after your pet has dried out, make use of a flea brush around your pet’s hair, as well as sink the fleas in soapy water to eliminate them.

You can also clean your pet with a remedy of rosemary to repel fleas – mix 2 cups of fresh rosemary leaves with 2 litres of water and also boil for half an hour. Strain the liquid and blend it with a gallon of warm water, and pour it on your pet dog to push back fleas. Let it dry normally and do not rinse off.

If you are interested in herbs and also their medical buildings, more information can be located in my Herbal Remedies Overview electronic book that will instruct you just how to deal with typical conditions utilizing herbs.

You can also make a lemon spray for fleas by very finely cutting a lemon and also steaming it in a pint of water. Let great and pour into a spray bottle as well as utilize it to spray on your animal’s hair, yet not saturate. The natural oils as well as all-natural citrus scent fend off fleas.

Vinegar for flea control – An additional idea that can be utilized instead of the lemon water remedy is to fill up a spray bottle with three parts water as well as white vinegar or one part apple cider vinegar. While in the restroom and after washing as well as towel drying, spray the vinegar option on your feline or canine’s fur to fend off fleas.

Fleas hate vinegar, and also will certainly fall down the drainpipe a lot easier, as opposed to clinging to and also hiding in the skin around the face as well as ears, as they are prone to do. Follow-up with an extensive hair removal.

Flea collar and essential oils – There are a great deal of recommendations online concerning making a natural flea collar by putting a few decreases of specific vital oils on the pet’s collar on an once a week basis. Nevertheless, there are numerous alerting notes that you must recognize:

– Never make use of essential oils on cats.

– Tea tree necessary oil is toxic, to humans as well as animals, if taken by mouth. If you determine to place it on your dog’s collar, always utilize the most affordable concentration oil (1% or much less) and always thin down with a carrier oil. Utilize a really small amount on the neck, and do not use it directly on the skin. Tea tree oil is additionally an exceptional all-natural treatment for treating flea bites in humans and also can be made use of to make an effective bed bug spray.

– Other important oils that drive away fleas consist of lavender, geranium, cedar, pepper mint, rosemary, lemongrass, and citronella. It is constantly best to weaken them first with a provider oil (1-2 decrease in a tablespoon of provider oil) and not utilize them in concentrated type. Utilize a small amount on the neck and do not put it straight on the skin.

If you want learning more about crucial oils you can locate practical information in my aromatherapy magic e-book. This book will certainly aid you uncover the power of necessary oils and also one of the most effective ways to use them.

It is constantly a good idea to contact your veterinarian prior to attempting any kind of natural remedy for fleas on your family pet. Your vet can make certain the treatment is risk-free for your animal as well as might have a lot more recommendations on just how to do away with fleas.

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