Mastoid process: location, function and pain

Your mastoid procedure becomes part of your temporal bone that lies simply behind your ears. The mastoid procedure is a small, triangular-shaped bone that extends on either side at the base of your skull. You can situate your mastoid by putting your fingers behind your earlobe. The primary feature of the mastoid procedure is to connect the muscle mass of the neck to the skull and aid control the pressure in the ear.

The mastoid process has a honeycomb structure loaded with mastoid air cells. The mastoid can be uncomfortable if you have a middle ear infection. This can take place because of swelling as a result of infections, pus loading the mastoid air cells, trauma to the skull, or cysts simply behind either of your ears. Typically eliminating pain in the mastoid procedure requires dealing with the underlying root cause of discomfort behind your ears.

In this short article, you will uncover the different factors behind earache that is gotten in touch with your mastoid process. You will also uncover how to treat center ear infections to help protect against mastoid pain from getting worse.


Your head is constructed from numerous bones that help shield your brain. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the mastoid procedure lies on each side of the head behind the ear. You will certainly be able to conveniently find the mastoid procedure by really feeling the bone extending behind the ear. 1

Many medical sites define the mastoid procedure as a conelike or pyramidal forecast at the base of either side of your head. This is why lots of doctors sit behind both ears to seek indications of pain or swelling if they have a thought ear infection.

The mastoid surrounds the inner and middle ear.


Although your mastoid procedure can come to be inflamed if you have an ear infection or a cyst behind your ear, its features are not all pertaining to your hearing.8 cancers caused by products to eliminate from your home

Lots of muscular tissues as well as nerves in your head are attached to the mastoid process. These muscle mass link to the mastoid procedure and assistance to rotate as well as flex the head and likewise to open up the jaw.

Additionally, according to info published by Aalborg University, the mastoid procedure is involved in the ingesting procedure. 2

Dr. Sabrina Felson on WebMD states that air cells in the mastoid process are likewise believed to assist control ear pressure as well as shield delicate frameworks in the ear. Dr. Felson claims that lots of crucial frameworks go through the mastoid. 3


If the location around the mastoid procedure becomes infected or swollen, you will generally have pain behind the ear. Inflammation and also swelling may occur in the honeycomb-like framework of the mastoid procedure.

According to Stanford Kid’s Health and wellness, several of one of the most usual signs connected with mastoid discomfort are swelling behind the ear, high temperature, as well as water drainage from the ear. In some cases, pain and also swelling in the mastoid procedure can create short-term hearing loss. 4

Professor of Otolaryngology Dr. Arlen Meyers claims that discomfort behind the ear can be even worse in the evening. To confirm the extent of the ear infection triggering the discomfort, medical professionals will run blood tests to look for high degrees of leukocyte. There can likewise be indications of germs on swabs drawn from the ear. 5


Let’s take a more detailed take a look at why you might have discomfort as well as swelling behind one or both ears.


An infection between ear (otitis media) is normally the root cause of pain in the mastoid process as well as is generally called mastoiditis.

According to Dr. Richard Miyamoto of the Department of Otolaryngology at the Indiana University Institution of Medicine, mastoiditis is a bacterial infection of the middle ear. The infection can trigger pus to base on the mastoid bone and also make it really feel tender to the touch and appear noticeably red and puffy. Mastoid process pain brought on by a middle ear infection will feel like a persistent stabbing pain that is really awkward. 6Prostate Cancer – Warning Signs And Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

It is extremely important to look for clinical interest for a middle ear infection that creates pain and swelling behind the ear. Dr. Sabrina Felson on WebMD says that problems of mastoiditis can be nausea as well as throwing up, wooziness, hearing loss, severe frustrations, and meningitis, which can be dangerous. 3

Doctors generally treat significant middle ear infections with antibiotics. These aid kill the microorganisms that are triggering a buildup of pus as well as stop the discharge from your ear. Sometimes surgical procedure is required to drain liquid from the center ear or eliminate the contaminated mastoid.

If you have to take a program of prescription antibiotics, it is essential to bear in mind to take probiotics to aid bring back healthy microorganisms in your digestive tract. That can likewise aid stop episodes of yeast infections as a result of prescription antibiotics.

For info on exactly how to deal with moderate cases of an outer ear infection, read my article on exactly how to eliminate an ear infection.


One reason for the discomfort of the mastoid process in only one ear is a cholesteatoma.

A cholesteatoma is a white mass of keratin that can develop in the mastoid process. According to scientists at Harvard Medical School, cholesteatomas can develop if there is a consistent opening in the tympanum or if the Eustachian tube is blocked. In time, cholesteatoma can result in hearing loss and also placed a person at higher danger for an internal ear infection. 7

If the cholesteatoma creates mastoid pain with an infection, after that the symptoms of mastoiditis will certainly exist. This includes smelly drainage from the ear, redness as well as swelling at the rear of the ear, as well as inflammation of the mastoid process.Inflammatory foods proven to avoid according to science

Physicians usually require to eliminate the cholesteatoma to stay clear of repetitive ear infections as well as permanent hearing damages.


Trauma to the temporal bone on the side of the head where the mastoid procedure is located can trigger pain and other problems.

There are a number of reasons an injury to the area behind your ear can cause issues. The journal Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction records that a traumatic head injury can damage the mastoid process and also trigger pain. As an example, there are nerves as well as muscles linked to your mastoid. Damage to the mastoid can create face paralysis, damages to the inner or center ear, or interior blood loss. 8

Medical professionals claim that a correct diagnosis of the level of head injuries is necessary to help you get the best recuperation. Dr. John Atkinson of the Mayo Facility advises that there are some situations when you ought to see your doctor for a head injury. Warning signs of problems from a head injury consist of lightheadedness, nausea and throwing up, obscured or double vision, confusion, or state of mind swings. 9

Your doctor may get blood examinations to check the degrees of the enzyme creatine phosphokinase (or CPK) in your blood. If you have any kind of type of head injury or mind tissue damages, CPK laboratory tests will certainly show greater than typical outcomes.


Mumps is a viral infection that primarily affects youngsters and can cause discomfort in the mastoid process behind the ears as well as a swollen jaw.Top 9 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention

The Centers for Illness Control and Prevention state that mumps is a transmittable viral infection. It generally triggers fever and muscle pains, as well as swelling of the salivary glands. 10 The University of Chicago states that swelling can get to the mastoid procedure. This will certainly push the ear out and up. eleven

Mumps symptoms are typically dealt with by consuming a lot of liquids and relaxing in bed. Because mumps is contagious, people are typically separated from others to prevent the spread of infection.


In extremely unusual cases, a cancerous growth could be a reason for discomfort in the mastoid process.

The Ghana Medical Journal reported that squamous cell cancer can occasionally influence the mastoid. This causes migraines, fever, stiff neck, and other indicators of mastoiditis. Treatment requires surgical procedure and also radiation therapy. 12

It is great to bear in mind that, in many cases, swelling and also pain behind one or both ears is usually the result of a center ear infection and not cancer. Although this type of infection can be major, it is usually treatable without long-lasting complications.


Mastoid procedure pain that has indications of swelling behind either ear need to not be overlooked. Inner or center ear infections can trigger severe problems and also be challenging to treat if left as well long. Likewise, children are more prone to mastoiditis and require instant medical interest to treat indications of an ear infection.

According to medical professionals from the Mayo Clinic as well as WebMD, you ought to seek medical interest for thought ear infections in the complying with circumstances: 13, 14.

Mastoid discomfort behind the ears lasts greater than a day.Top 9 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention
The discomfort is very severe and persistent.
Notification a discharge or pus appearing of his ear.
A child that is less than 6 months old has signs of an ear infection.
Together with pain as well as swelling behind your ear, you have hearing loss, lightheadedness, or nausea or vomiting.
You or your child have a stiff neck and a high fever.

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